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Billboard Bandits - Outlaw Artists in the Sky

Image of Billboard Bandits - Outlaw Artists in the Sky


This book is unlike any other in its genre, delving deep into the worlds of graffiti and street art yet focusing on the fascination with conquering billboards. While graffiti itself is illusive in nature, billboard graffiti takes it a step further as one of the most daring aspects of the craft. The first hand accounts enable the reader to feel present in the world of these individual artists. Some of them are raw and gritty vandals while others provide more of a fine art feel. They specialize in everything from integrating their pieces into the advertisement itself to adding their artwork to the blank billboard back. A select group of these street artists are referred to as “billboard liberators”, manipulating the ads to fit their own agenda and convey their message. While each one is unique, they are united by one common thread - they are the billboard bandits.

Featured Artists:

AM7 Crew, Augor MSK, Bleek CBS Mayhem, Daze TN NSA, Fuct AL LGF, Jeloe US BKF CF, LTS/KOG Crews, Naut One, Nine2 H2O, Pharoe LCF SOB, Pysa MSK LTS, Shank DME FUKQ, Silencer, YR Crew, The Billboard Liberation Front, Jimmy Cauty, Mr. Eggs and Ron English

208 pages.

ISBN-13: 9780615689128
Publisher: Bandit Press